Consumer Fraud Overview

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  • Have you bought an item that turned out to be unavailable? Instead of getting a reimbursement, did you receive a lower quality product?
  • Has a business falsely advertised a rebate?
  • When purchasing a home, have you found hidden fees that were not disclosed by the mortgage broker?

$35 Million
for Illegal Real Estate Fees

At The Emge Firm, LLP, our lawyers vigorously represent California consumers in pursuit of remedying consumer fraud. We have a thorough understanding of the consumer laws in California that help protect consumers' best interests.

Attorneys Derek and Suzanne Emge have successfully represented hundreds of thousands of Californians in cases involving unfair business practices. We are experienced in handling complex or consumer class action lawsuits and have recovered tens of millions for consumers.

San Diego Lawyers Representing a Wide-Range of Consumer Law Clients

Our attorneys represent clients with a variety of consumer law claims, including:

  • False Advertising Claims - We have helped clients recover damages from hidden fees and bait-and-switch advertising tactics used in real estate, banking and retail industries.
  • Unfair Business Practices - Banks, rental car companies, mortgage companies, telephone companies and retail establishments have been known to charge hidden fees that are illegal, unfair and/or fraudulent.
  • Real Estate Fraud - Buying a home is a complex transaction with a lot of paper work. Mortgage lenders, brokers and developers have been known to take advantage of consumers during this vulnerable time.
  • Product Warranties - Companies advertise warranties, while not explaining that you may already have the coverage they are offering you, for an additional charge.
  • Bank Charges and Hidden Fees - Banks have been known to charge minors a fee, after advertising no fee checking accounts.

J.C. Pennys False Price Comparison Advertising Class

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