Consumer Class Action Litigation

Consumer fraud often begins with relatively small hidden fees or misrepresented characteristics of a product or service. Sometimes, an individual's damages are too small to justify an individual lawsuit. However, multiply that individual claim by the number of other consumers that have suffered the same or similar damages and an action now has sufficient leverage to pursue even the largest of corporations.

A consumer class action lawsuit could be the answer. A single person with issues common to other similarly situated people can file a class action for the benefit of everyone. A lawsuit is then worthwhile, the company will pay attention, and all the mistreated people gain strength in numbers.

You can add more strength to your position by hiring a lawyer experienced in class action litigation against large companies. The attorneys of San Diego-based The Emge Firm, LLP have extensive experience in handling consumer class action lawsuits against powerful businesses. We will defend your rights and fight those who have mistreated you.

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The Emge Firm, LLP litigates cases in which employees or consumers have suffered from illegal, unfair or fraudulent conduct of large companies. These cases are typically certified as class actions, including the following examples:

  • In Bey v. Bank of America, our client brought a class action suit against BofA for charging excessive fees on the payoff/refinance of residential mortgage loans. A settlement was reached on behalf of approximately 80,000 borrowers.
  • In Smith v. Dollar Thrifty Group, the representative plaintiff brought an action on behalf of 330,000 California consumers who alleged to have been charged more for a Loss Damage Waiver Fee than they contracted to pay. The settlement of the case was valued at $16 million.
  • In Glasser v. Wells Fargo, a class action was brought on behalf of 45,000 consumers who were charged excessive fees associated with the bank's overdraft protection program. Restitution was agreed upon for all class members.
  • In Shrestha v. Coldwell Banker, a class action was certified by the court on behalf of 175,000 consumers who used Coldwell Banker's services to purchase homes in California and who were allegedly charged excessive fees called Transaction Coordinator Fees. A settlement was reached in which all victims of the alleged unfair business acts could recover a cash settlement.

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