San Diego False Advertising Lawyers

We have all received a final bill at one time or another and thought "I never agreed to that charge." Worse yet, some companies advertise rates or prices that are different from what they actually provide you. Sometimes you know when you have been cheated. Sometimes, you simply think something is not quite right. More often than not, your "gut reaction" is correct. In those situations, you are most likely just one of thousands of people who have suffered the same mistreatment. When businesses engage in false advertising, bait-and-switch practices or outright misrepresentation, many consumers are victimized.

There is strength in numbers. Consumers who have been cheated by companies can band together in consumer class action litigation and seek restitution and damages. The first step is taken by one person who recognizes and reports the false advertising and hires a lawyer who can be a strong advocate and ally.

At the law firm of The Emge Firm, LLP of San Diego, California, our attorneys can meet with you in a free initial consultation and immediately begin work investigating whether you have a consumer fraud or false advertising case. We know how to investigate and litigate false advertising practices, and have a proven ability to get results in class action lawsuits involving consumer fraud. Visit our representative cases page for a few examples of the millions of dollars in damages and restitution that our firm has won back for consumers, including successful lawsuits against real estate developers, banks and consumer products companies.

There are a nearly limitless number of ways that companies can cheat consumers. Revealing hidden fees and bait-and-switch advertising tactics, our attorneys have successfully helped consumers recover damages and restitution in a wide range of types of cases in various industries including banking, real estate, and automobile rentals.

Contact our attorneys today and set up a free consultation regarding consumer fraud or deceptive advertising.