San Diego Identity Protection Lawyers

We have all given a credit card to a waitress at a restaurant or a clerk at a store and thought about identity theft. More often than not, the person in charge of your bill is honest and returns your card without incident. However, some situations simply do not seem right ¾ for instance, you may be asked for your personal identification information (address or telephone number) as part of a credit card transaction. Credit card companies do not require this information to complete the transaction, but many retailers seek the information so they can create valuable data bases to be used for unsolicited marketing or even sale to third parties. Such conduct may be a violation of California law.

At The Emge Firm, LLP, our lawyers have represented clients in identity protection and other consumer fraud cases since 2000. We can meet with you free of charge to discuss possible violations of identity protection as well as to discuss potential identity theft cases. We have a strong understanding of consumer protection laws and have a proven ability to get results.

Credit Card and Identity Protection Laws

There are several laws that protect consumers against identity theft and safeguard their personal information. One is the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act, which prohibits a vendor from requesting personal identification information during a credit card transaction. Other than during a return or a transaction requiring a delivery, a vendor cannot ask for your address, telephone number or other personal information. Violations of this act may result in serious penalties.

Our attorneys are sophisticated at handling cases under the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act and other similar laws such as the Credit Card Protection Act. We will help ensure your rights are not abused and that your identity does not fall into unauthorized hands.

Note: While there are several credit card protection laws, they do not always apply to debit cards. There are distinct differences between the two. We will thoroughly explain your rights and the protections offered to you under both types of cards.

Class Action Lawsuits

If you are worried that your privacy or identity protection rights were violated by a particular vendor, you may not be alone. There is strength in numbers. If others had a similar experience to yours, it may lead to class action litigation. Our legal team is experienced in handling these cases and can help determine whether this is an option for you.

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