Product Warranties

Attorneys Protect Consumers from Unfair Product Warranties

  • Have you returned a defective product in exchange for an item that isn't a direct match?
  • Do you know if you've been asked to pay extra for a service that was included in the sales price?
  • Have you had a mail-in-warranty that was not honored?

If you have suffered from an unfair business practice, you are likely not alone. Companies in California routinely fail to follow through with mail-in-rebates or product warranties.

Since 2000, our attorneys have protected consumers' best interests. We have an in-depth understanding of the consumer laws and regulations in California, and we will actively represent California consumers in cases involving poor product warranties.

Experienced Attorneys Provide Clients with a Free Initial Consultation

Our legal team at The Emge Firm, LLP is available to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the specific of your claim. Initially, we will separate the oral statements that the sales representative made to you from the advertisement about the product warranty or mail-in-rebate.

When purchasing a product, consumers trust the statements of the sales representative. But, written documentation, such as an advertisement, may also support the case that you were deceived.

Our Legal Team Thoroughly Investigates the Case before Filing a Claim

If we have strong evidence of an unfair business practice, we can file your claim within 7 to 10 days. We will conduct our own investigation to see if other consumers have made similar complaints. Our legal team also partners with investigators to replicate the purchase and document any evidence of poor business practices.

We will Review the Case to Discover Evidence for a Class Action Claim

Our attorneys may also evaluate the facts of your case to see if there is a pattern of unfair business practices. We may file the claim as consumer class action litigation, if more than 25 other people experienced the same situation.

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