San Diego Real Estate Fraud Lawyers

A real estate transaction is a complex legal matter that requires attention to detail and knowledge of real estate law. When brokers, lenders, and developers misrepresent themselves and commit real estate fraud, you need the type of representation our lawyers provide at The Emge Firm, LLP in San Diego, California.

Many real estate fraud cases we handle involve hidden fees or real estate professionals making claims that are simply not true. Hidden fees not disclosed by a real estate broker, mortgage broker or escrow agent can make an affordable real estate purchase beyond what your budget can handle. Why should others illegally profit off of your transaction?

Our cases have also included class action claims against condominium developers who advertise certain aspects of a development to help pre-sell the project even though those claims are false . Amenities are sometimes exaggerated or even made up to lure prospective buyers to the project. From rooftop terraces to parking spots to the size and quality of the property, those real estate professionals involved in the marketing and sale of properties need to be held accountable for their actions when they make false claims.

Real estate is probably the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. Careful thought and even more careful examination of the documents is needed, preferably by a seasoned real estate attorney who can spot fraud. If you have been a victim of real estate fraud, we will represent you and any others who have been victims of contract fraud or mortgage fraud. Contact our attorneys today and set up a free consultation regarding a hidden fee or square footage misrepresentation, or other types of real estate fraud.