San Diego Employee Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Often when a person is the victim of an employer's labor code violations, he or she is uneasy at the thought of challenging the company alone. Sometimes it simply isn't worth the trouble; the possible gains are too small to make a lawsuit or other confrontation worthwhile, and the company may just ignore the claim.

An employee class action lawsuit could be the answer. An employee class action lawsuit can give you the strength and leverage you need to make your employment law case worthwhile.

Hiring an experienced class action litigation lawyer can strengthen your position against employers. The lawyers of San Diego-based The Emge Firm, LLP are very experienced in handling class action lawsuits against powerful businesses and large employers. We will meet you free of charge to discuss your potential case and how we can protect your rights. Contact us today.

Handling Cases Against Large Businesses

The Emge Firm, LLP litigates cases in which multiple employees or consumers have suffered from the illegal actions of their employers or large businesses. For example, The Emge Firm, LLP was named class counsel on employment cases involving 5,000 food and beverage employees in one case and 3,400 golf course employees in another. In consumer fraud cases, the firm has represented classes as large as 1,000,000 individuals. Millions of dollars have been recovered on behalf of these class members.

To read about other employee class action and consumer fraud cases handled by our attorneys, visit our Representative Cases page.

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