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Perhaps more than any other career, IT and computer employees are taken advantage of by employers who categorize them as exempt (salaried) workers, then expect 55- and 60-hour workweeks or more. Because of the flexible working conditions tech companies often offer, many IT workers don't even know that the employer is violating wage and hour laws.

If you are an IT or computer professional in San Diego area, you have some of the strictest wage and hour laws in the country behind you. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of by being required to work long hours with no additional pay, your employer may well be in violation of state and federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regarding classification and overtime pay.

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Computer Employee And Overtime Pay For Independent Contractors

Many IT and software professionals work as independent contractors on an hourly basis. This type of arrangement often works to the benefit of the business, but there are strict laws governing such contracts. Businesses may not require excessive hours without paying overtime, nor strictly control the amount of hours an independent contractor must remain on the job. The contract cannot legally restrict an independent contractor's capacity to take on additional contracts, so long as the additional work is not in direct competition. If you are an independent contract IT professional and feel your rights to overtime pay or pursuing free enterprise are being violated by your primary contractor, call us for legal assistance.

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