Lawyers Protecting The Rights Of Maids And Janitors

Maids and janitors frequently work unusual shift hours and are often on a short-term independent contract basis. That doesn't mean, however, that the businesses or families hiring them are allowed to break the law regarding state and federal wage and hour regulations. Minimum wage is a requirement, as is paying overtime and shift differential when the job requires it.

If you are a cleaning or maintenance worker or in the domestic labor profession in Southern California, The Emge Firm, LLP, is on your side. If you feel that your employer has violated the law regarding minimum wage, overtime pay or your civil rights on the job, call our offices in San Diego. We are a team of attorneys who have dedicated our professional careers to providing legal representation for workers who have suffered violations of workplace laws throughout Southern California.

Our lawyers each have more than 15 years of experience resolving disputes and winning negotiated settlements and trial verdicts on behalf of employees.

Learn About Maids And Housekeepers Overtime Laws In San Diego And Southern California

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