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If you work overtime, you should be paid for it. Some employers mistakenly believe that if you are paid a salary, you are not entitled to overtime pay. In California, this is not necessarily true; in fact, this is a major misconception among employees and employers.

According to California Labor Law, all non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime compensation for any hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. This means overtime pay is earned if a single shift exceeds 8 hours, even if less than 40 hours are worked during the week. "Comp time" is not recognized as compensation for overtime.

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Employers Accidentally or Intentionally Fail to Pay Overtime

Your employer may accidentally or intentionally be failing to pay you for overtime. Often, businesses find creative ways to justify unpaid overtime. Some tactics include:

  • Incorrectly classifying employees as exempt to avoid paying overtime
  • Failing to account for hours worked in two locations for the same company
  • Erroneously failing to count required work completed "off the clock"
  • Expecting an employee to work through meal breaks or rest periods
  • Calculating overtime by hours worked over a one-week period, but ignoring single day shifts in excess of 8 hours
  • Implementing a compensation system to offset days when more than eight hours were worked (comp time)
  • Working off the clock

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The attorneys at The Emge Firm, LLP have successfully represented large groups of employees in employee class action lawsuits involving unpaid overtime and other related issues.

In our experience, when an employee is victimized by violations of federal or California overtime laws, many other employees are probably experiencing the same problem. We have successfully obtained back pay for "tens of thousands" of California employees.

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