Firm Overview

Southern California Consumer, Employee Rights, Whistleblower Attorneys, and Mass Tort

At The Emge Firm, LLP, our lawyers are proud to represent employees and consumers who have suffered or know about illegal mistreatment by employers and large businesses. When someone stands up for what is right, we have the capability and determination to stand with them and defend their employee rights.

We offer free, confidential consultations to people throughout California, including San Diego and Riverside counties. Our employment and consumer law attorneys have a narrowly focused practice, only prosecuting cases in which:

  • You have been treated unfairly or illegally by your employer (See our Employment Law page.) Mistreatment can take many forms: wage and hour abuses, misclassification of employee status, unpaid overtime, failure to provide meal breaks and rest periods, and failure to reimburse employees for the cost and maintenance of uniforms, cell phones, and travel.
  • A business has cheated you through fraud or misrepresentation (See our False Advertising or our Unfair Business Practices pages)

Our firm's employee rights attorneys, Derek Emge and Suzanne Emge, have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to level the playing field in disputes with big businesses. Our lawyers have:

  • Recovered millions of dollars in restitution and civil penalties in class action lawsuits and representative cases on behalf of hundreds of thousands of consumers and employees
  • Represented insurance company clients, professionals, construction contractors and business entities in litigation, developing insights about the workings of businesses large and small
  • Run a start-up company of their own, gaining more understanding of businesses' perspectives
  • Founded their current consumer protection and employee rights law firm, in which their previous business and litigation experience can be used against unscrupulous businesses

Many class actions involve employment law and consumer fraud issues. We not only commit legal, investigative, and financial resources to your case, but we also partner with local law firms in other states as needed for national class action litigation. Clients have come to rely on our network of experts and use of cutting-edge technology to give the winning edge to their cases.

If you feel you have been misled, cheated or wronged; contact us today for a free, confidential consultation and let our lawyers investigate your claim and protect your rights.