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Employee Rights − Consumer Law − Whistleblower Representation in California – Mass Tort

At The Emge Firm, LLP, we handle a wide variety of legal issues for clients throughout California, with an emphasis on Southern California. With nearly 40 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the skill needed to handle the most complex litigation in the areas listed below.

Our Practice Areas

Employment law : We aggressively litigate the rights of employees. Some of the issues we handle include:

  • Wage and hour disputes: If your employer in San Diego, Riverside or Los Angeles failed to pay you for all work performed, including off-the-clock work, we will help you pursue full compensation.
  • Employee misclassification : Some employers intentionally misclassify employees to avoid paying them overtime. Misclassified employees may be incorrectly classified as independent contractors, managers or professionals.
  • Unpaid overtime: We work with clients in San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles to make sure they are paid for work performed after the eighth hour in a day or 40th hour in a week.
  • Meal and rest breaks: Employers are required to provide 30-minute, uninterrupted meal breaks and 10-minute rest periods. We are dedicated to working with clients in San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles to protect them if they are deprived of adequate breaks.
  • Expense reimbursement claims : If an employer requires you to wear a uniform, use your own cellphone or pay for necessary business expenses, you are entitled to reimbursement.

Many wage and hour disputes are maximized through employee class action lawsuits against large employers. If you believe your employer is engaging in unlawful conduct, we can help.

Consumer fraud class actions: We strive to protect the rights of consumers. We aggressively handle cases involving:

  • Unfair business practices
  • False advertising claims: We invoke the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and other laws to help individuals get restitution from banks, real estate brokers and retail businesses.
  • Product warranties: If a mail-in rebate was not honored, we can investigate the facts of the situation.
  • Bank charges and hidden fees: Overlimit fees should not result from a bank using your debit card to cover overdraft fees.
  • Real estate fraud: Our experienced real estate fraud lawyers can help if a broker, lender or developer misrepresented himself or herself to you.
  • Breach of contract: If you enter into a contract with a business, we will work to hold the business to the terms of the agreement.
  • Medical Devices & Drugs: Modern medicine has made many great advancements in our lifetime. Some medical devices and drugs, however, are rushed to market without proper testing, resulting in critical injuries to unsuspecting patients. Metal on metal hip implants (Stryker and DePuy) are an example of medical devices that have been recalled by the FDA after causing significant injuries to many recipients. Dietary supplements, which are often not regulated by the FDA, are another area of great concern to the health and safety of those who use them (Oxyelite). The medical devices and drug lawyers at The Emge Firm, LLP can guide you through the mass tort process.

Many consumer fraud cases are well suited for class action treatment. When large companies defraud large numbers of consumers, we seek to hold those businesses accountable. The Emge Firm, LLP has been appointed lead counsel for many class actions over the past decade.

Investment fraud : We represent individuals who have lost money due to:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Brokerage fraud
  • Earnings misstatements

Whistleblower/qui tam actions: Employees working for companies that contract with a governmental agency may become aware of conduct that defrauds the government. State and federal law provide protection as well as large financial incentives for these employees to step forward in confidence to help the government recover damages. Such cases may include:

  • Defense contractor payment fraud
  • Defense contractor product fraud
  • Medicare/medical fraud
  • Prevailing wage fraud
  • Construction billing fraud

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