WELLS FARGO N.A. Class Action

On August 8, 2011, a non-exempt, hourly employee of Wells Fargo N.A. initiated a Class Action against her employer on behalf of all bank tellers employed in California by Wells Fargo N.A. for wage and hour violations. Plaintiff contends that she was required, permitted or suffered to work off-the-clock on numerous occasions at the conclusion of her scheduled shift.

Specifically, each teller is responsible for balancing their transactions at the end of their shift. When a discrepancy exists, they must keep working until it is resolved. On numerous occasions the time spent by Plaintiff resolving balance disputes continued past the scheduled end of her shift. Because Wells Fargo N.A. does not pay overtime in these situations, she was denied credit for this time and instead worked off-the-clock in violation of California's labor laws.

Plaintiff seeks an injunction prohibiting Wells Fargo N.A. from requiring or permitting off-the-clock work without proper compensation. She further seeks restitution of unpaid wages on her own behalf as well as on behalf of all other similarly situated bank tellers in California.

If you are or were employed by Wells Fargo N.A. in a teller position and worked off-the-clock without compensation, your information may be critical to the prosecution of the case. Please contact us now at 1-866-629-3409.

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